• How COVID-19 has changed our attitudes to environmental sustainability (1/11/2022) by Norrway Design - There is a common perception that being “environmentally friendly” is a luxury. In difficult times, we tend to think that these concerns are pushed aside. However, numerous reports from around the world have shown us that in the wake of the pandemic, people are more concerned about environmental challenges and changing their behaviour to act in a more sustainable manner. What is most striking, is that this attitude is widespread – from personal consumer behaviour to the way individuals see potential employers and, in fact, the way companies are looking to operate.
  • How to choose environmentally friendly furniture (1/11/2022) by Norrway Design - In an increasingly eco-conscious world, where we get our stuff from and how it’s made is becoming more important every day. Greater understanding of our impact on the planet is leading people to make sustainable and more environmentally friendly choices in nearly every aspect of life, including furniture.